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del2infinity solution for wind and solar power forecast works like an artificial intelligence system and uses complex machine learning and statistical pattern recognition algorithms. The solution also considers information generated from different NWP models and other openly available model outputs.

Though NWP uses high computation power to solve multiple complex equations, only NWP based forecast is not sufficient for variable energy generation as the major drawbacks in NWP to forecast wind and solar power generation are the deterministic behaviour of the forecast and the grid resolution. The deterministic solution does not consider the uncertainty analysis of forecast and the grid resolution is not accurate enough to replicate the power plant layout and topography. Hence using proprietary technology del2infinity downscale the NWP solution usable for the unique customer.

The historical data (in case of old plants) and the real time data of the wind and solar power plant are used to generate different plausible combinations of patterns required for machine learning. The downscale solution of NWP, statistical patterns and variables from other open source models are used to generate different scenarios with different prior probability values. The plant characteristics parameters developed by del2infinity are used to choose the best possible forecast with the uncertainty calculations.

The brief flow-chart of the del2infinity forecasting system can be represented as:    



del2infinity automatically delivers the wind & solar power forecasts via a customizable web-based / FTP-based platform

 India-specific product based on guidelines prescribed by  the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)

Does not rely on traditional resource-intensive forecasting methods

High accuracy

No site installment