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As the renewable industry grows to a substantial size, its complexity will increase, making success and returns more difficult to attain. Similar trends were seen during the rapid growth of the Internet, biotech and computer industries, where managing these complexities smartly has separated the winners from the losers. In case of the rapidly globalizing renewable industry, the most important strategic and operational complexities arise from the intrinsic variability in power production.

Solar and wind power are inherently variable and unpredictable. Increasing penetration of variable renewable power raises issues related to power grid reliability, which in turn spins out an entire set of financial and market mechanisms involving penalties and losses for renewable operators. Though a number of enabling technologies such as energy storage can come to rescue for stakeholders, the ultimate winners will be those who can take the smartest decisions enabled by advanced energy data analytics.


del2infinity provides analytics services in the form of dynamically evolving stand-alone software and cloud based tools to realize the full benefit of renewable power. del2infinity analytics is a one-stop solution to gather insights into variable renewable power. It helps you take the smart decision and achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI) for energy system investments.

We believe in a systems approach enabling a cohesive decision support system for the user. To this end, del2infinity has developed the Variability Analytics EngineTM based on cutting-edge research and a number of innovative techniques to analyze variability in solar and wind power. The del2infinity Variability Analytics EngineTM aggregates renewable power data, performs real-time analytics, and provides a smart decision-making environment. 
del2infinity Energy Consulting can provide the solution for Forecasting and Scheduling of Wind and Solar power (24 hour day-ahead forecast with maximum 16 revisions) to maximize the plant operation potential and to protect the revenue loss coming from deviation penalties. 

del2infinity started with solving crucial data problems in the energy industry. Solar and wind are unstable sources of energy. Challenges in predicting generation result in massive revenue losses. del2infinity's proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms make it possible to have accurate and timely prediction, thereby ensuring reliability of the power system.